Aussie Finale

Hey all!

Last week was my final stop on my Australian travels. My girlfriends and I did our Aussie finale in Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia.  We booked an overnight boat tour through the Whitsunday Islands, which are just off the coast of Airlie Beach.

The islands are famous for the beautiful beaches and amazing snorkelling.  We spent three days and two nights sailing around the islands. One of my favourite stops was at the world famous Whitehaven Beach.  It’s famous for its 98% silicon sandy beach, which makes it incredibly soft. It almost looks as pretty as the pictures below! While strolling along this beach I also had the opportunity to wade through the waters with string rays swimming within a few feet of me, it was spectacular!

Kelly, Amy and I in front of the Whitsundays

Kelly strolling through the stingray filled waters

One of the beautiful Stingrays

After that visit to Whitehaven Beach, our boat took us to our first snorkelling spot.  Here we had the opportunity to swim with hundreds of beautiful fish.  Afterwards, we took our turn jumping off the top of our sailboat and sliding down the waterslide.  We were on a bit of a party boat and it certainly lived up to its name!

Our boat - The Atlantic Clipper

After the boat tour we spent a night relaxing in Airlie Beach.  We had dinner with some of our friends that we met on the boat and relaxed by the lagoon in the town.

In front of the Airlie Beach Harbour

This last little stop was a great way to spend my final days in Australia. Now I’m off for two weeks in New Zealand before I head home to Canada for good.


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