Happy Aussie-Canadian Thanksgiving!

Hey All:

Sorry for the additional delay, I’m still pretty busy with school assignments here. I’ve only got one exam during the exam period, which has left me with a number of papers and take-home exams to worry about until next Friday.

In the meantime, I have had a few little adventures here there that have been quite fun.

A few weeks ago, during the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, my Canadian friend (Christina) and I decided that we’d cook up a real traditional feast. It turned out to be quite challenging without a fully functioning kitchen and a mom/grandma to do the lion’s share of the work for us! We ended up harassing our kitchen staff in our residence and phoned Christina’s mom several times for more instructions.

The chickens all stuffed and ready for the oven

Since turkey isn’t really common here (and it’s much more challenging to cook), we purchased two small chickens instead. We also managed to make homemade stuffing, apple pie and a few random veggies. With the exception of the mashed potatoes, everything was pretty delicious! However, I have no real interest in cleaning out and stuffing a chicken again anytime soon.

Urbe helping us out!

While the feast was no substitute for the traditional meal back home with the family, it was really nice to create our own Australian Thanksgiving and share it with some friends here.  It’s not something I’ll really ever have the chance to do again with the friends I’ve made here, which made the meal pretty special.

A little pre-dinner jig to some classic 90s tunes

Also, most people seem to be well aware of the American version, and it was nice to teach them about ours as well. All in all, I think it was a great way to spend holiday away from home, without feeling like I was missing out on much. Especially, since we created our own version of the holiday here, which including a lot more random dancing than we do back home!

Dinner finally being served (at approx. 9pm)

Since thanksgiving, I’ve been doing a little more of the same – schoolwork. While I’ve enjoyed my traveling down under, I am here for school and it needs my attention from time to time.  On the positive side, I have found some of my courses to be quite interesting.  In particular, I’ve spent a ton of time researching for my human trafficking class.

I’m looking into reasons why human trafficking victims turn into perpetrators, which is pretty much up my soon-to-be defence lawyer alley. The nice thing about this project, and the work of my fellow classmates, is that a lot of the research from this class is sent to government and international organizations to help advocate for changes to the legal system.  It makes doing the research that much more motivating, since it has the potential to be used in a very positive way.

That’s about it from me for now, I’ll throw my books away for a little while this weekend and get up to something interesting!



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