Sydney being Sydney

Hey All!

I recently got back from my trip to Sydney with some of my uni mates and it was a amazing! I’ll do my best to share some of the highlights.

Sydney Opera House

On our first day we did a lot of random exploring of the city. We traveled through the Sydney Botanical Gardens and took a million pictures in front of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. There’s this really pretty area near the end of the Harbor Bridge, called the Rocks, which showcases the oldest part of Sydney.  The area is full of neat alleyways and classic stone buildings. It’s pretty incredible.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Plus there was a ton of great restaurants in the Rocks area. On my first night a few of us stopped for drinks and pizza at the Australia Hotel.  We indulged in some prawn covered pizzas and my favourite, salt-water crocodile pizza.  I think I’m really going to miss all of this easy access to crocodile meat when I’m home in North America. I really like it!

Croc. Pizza

Our second day was spent exploring the Blue Mountains National Park, which may have been my highlight of the trip.  The Blue Mountains are located about 2 hours West of Sydney.  The area is covered with thousands of hikes. We did about three.

We traveled down and around one set of falls, the Katoomba Cascades, where we witnessed some amazing views. At one point, we stood near the middle of the falls, where it flattened out, and faced this incredible backdrop of the Blue Mountain skyline.  I couldn’t help but run up and slightly under the falls, they were so pretty! Plus we were kinda hot from all the hiking up and down the mountain.

Katoomba Cascades

Our next big adventure in the Blue Mountains involved a 900 stair climb down to the bottom of the Three Sisters rock formation and then a 900 stair climb back up.  It wasn’t the smartest idea we had that day, but I certainly won’t forget it any time soon! The ‘stairs’ were incredibly narrow and uneven; plus it was really windy in this area. I recommend taking a trail back up from the Three Sisters stair climb, rather than the 900 stair climb up.

Three Sisters Stair Climb

The Three Sisters rock formation is a pretty famous part of the Blue Mountains. There is this legend that the mother of the Three Sisters turned the girls into stone to protect them from would-be male suitors.

Three Sisters formation to my right. (your left)

After spending the day hiking through the mountains, we decided to spend our third day at the beach. Manly beach to be exact. We took a ferry from the Sydney Harbor out to the beach, which provided us with beautiful views of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

Watching Sailboats from the Ferry

Later that evening we explored Sydney’s red light district, in the King’s Cross area, which is also where our hostel was located. Needless to say there was a lot of random encounters and interesting locals. I didn’t mind staying in the Kings-Cross area, but I might try somewhere a little less “colourful” next time!

Iconic Coca-Cola Sign in King's Cross

On my fourth day in Sydney, I finally had the chance to try surfing. I went to Bondi Beach for this endeavor. My friend and I had the very intelligent idea of teaching ourselves to surf.  We hired boards for about an hour and paddled around the Bondi surf. Given that we had no clue what we were doing, I think we fared well. However, next time, I’ll pay for a lesson!

Post Bondi Surf Adventure

Finally, the last part of the trip was spent exploring the weekend markets, watching street entertainment and touring the city.  I really recommend Sydney. I’m incredibly happy living in Brisbane, but Sydney was a great city to vacation to.  There’s so much history, a great night life, beaches and lots of national parks to visit.  All things I really enjoy.

Group in front of the Opera House

That’s it from me for now. My mid-semester break started today and I’m off to New Zealand tomorrow to check out some World Rugby games. I’ll be back in about 10 days. I’ll do my best to update the blog while I’m over there, but I make no promises!



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