A Little Publicity for the Program

Last Tuesday I received an email from a producer from the Canadian Broadcasting  Corporation (CBC). He worked for the CBC radio show, Ontario Morning.  Apparently, he saw my blog, which was posted on my university’s website and to my surprise, he found it so intriguing that he asked if I would be interested in doing a live interview on Thursday morning. I was so excited I immediately said “YES!”. Of course, afterwards, I freaked out for several hours realizing that I would be speaking LIVE across Southwestern Ontario.

Most of my friends and family back home can attest to the fact that, while I don’t mind public speaking, I OFTEN, say stupid, foot-in-the-mouth type things, without thinking. Naturally, I was pretty nervous that I would say something of that sort.

In order to prevent such a terrifying outcome, I spent about 4 hours studying for the interview; which I realize now is a little nutty given the fact that I knew the interview would only be about 6 minutes long.  At any rate, the producer was very interested in hearing about the differences I’ve found between my studies here and back home. I did my best to portray my personal feelings about these differences and overall, I really enjoyed the experience of being on the radio back home.

If someone had told me before I left for Australia, that I’d be on the CBC two months into this adventure, I would have told them they were crazy.  I’ve been incredibly lucky during my time here. I’ve had some amazing opportunities land in my lap and I genuinely appreciate all of these little surprises. The Best part is, I’m not even half way through this journey, so there’s lots of time for more unexpected and exciting adventures!

If your interested in hearing the interview, check it out at:


This is me signing off for now!


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