Shrimp on the Barbie

In an attempt to dispel some stereotypes about Australian life, I thought I’d start this blog by describing my Saturday afternoon.  On Saturday a few mates and I attended a Uni Club (Quest) barbecue.  While I have been to several BBQs since I’ve been in Oz, none of them have included shrimp.  Its seems as though seafood on the BBQ is only particularly popular here during the Christmas holidays. AND Aussies general refer to shrimp as prawns anyhow.  So, despite my older brother’s insistence that Aussies always eat Shrimp on the Barbie, in reality, that’s not true.

Eating Roo-Sausage

While I didn’t have shrimp on the barbie at the Quest BBQ, I did try crocodile and kangaroo.  I wasn’t super impressed with my kangaroo sausage, but I really enjoyed the croc.  I’d compare crocodile to chicken.  I’ve also been told that if you want to try some decent kangaroo, it’s best to have it in the form of steak.  Hopefully, in a few weeks, I can report back with some more positive feelings regarding barbecued kangaroo.

Quest BBQ

I spent Sunday afternoon playing grass hockey for my residence’s hockey team.  I now completely understand why most of the outdoor sports here are played during the winter.  It was almost too hot to run around playing grass hockey and it’s still the middle of winter!

After hockey, I headed to downtown Brisbane to check out some of the weekend markets.  A lot of the commercial businesses shut down on Sunday and most of the local shopping is done at various city markets.  My friends and I stumbled upon a suitcase market in downtown Brissie.

In front of the Suitcase Market

On the first Sunday of every month the suitcase market takes place.  Individuals purchase a small space to sell their goods and can only bring two suitcases full of sellable items.  It was pretty neat.  initially, when I saw all of the suitcases, I thought it was a giant garage sale for backpackers who had accumulated too much stuff while travelling. I quickly noticed the crafts and antique goods and realized that was not the case.

On Monday I met up with a friend from home, Kellie, who is also on exchange (in New Zealand) and showed her around Brisbane.  Apparently, now that I’ve been living in Brissie just over three weeks, I’m an expert tour guide!

The Bamboo Forest in the Botanical Gardens

We spent the afternoon walking through the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.  The gardens had several pretty ponds, plants and local birds.  As someone who has next-to-no green thumb, I was pretty impressed.  The grounds are beautiful.

Kellie & I by one of the ponds in the Botanical Garden

Afterwards, I took Kellie to my favourite, fake beach – Southbank.  I love how I can spend an afternoon at the beach right in the middle of downtown Brisbane, (even if it is a fake beach!).

South Bank Beach

I also recently discovered the deliciousness that is Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar.  It’s a pretty famous chocolate shop that started in Israel and has chains all over Oz.  Unfortunately, there are none in Canada.  The hot chocolate consists of the most delicious pure, thick, milk chocolate, it’s amazing!  I had to show off my recent find to Kellie.

Outside Max Brenner Chocolates

After my sugar induced-coma wore off, Kellie and I said our goodbyes and she left to go back to New Zealand.  It was really surreal to be meeting up with a classmate from home, at chocolate shop, on the other side of the world.  I love such random encounters.

Our sweets



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