Broncos, Surf & Rocks

Hello Again:

I just finished a great weekend here in Oz. I’ve started branching out and around the City of Brisbane.

On Friday night a few of my mates and I decided to check out a local National Rugby League game. The Brisbane Broncos were playing the Sydney Sharks. Having never watched a rugby game before, it was a really cool way to spend my Friday night.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) it wasn’t a very close game. The Broncos destroyed the Sharks, with a final score of 46 to 16. Regardless, of how one-sided the game was, I really enjoyed watching the rugby fellas smash
into one another, as well as cheering every 5 minutes or so as the Brissie
Broncos scored yet another try.

Brisbane Broncos score a try

I was also blown away by how massive the rugby stadium was. It
seated over 50,000. One thing I’ve learned quite quickly here is how
rugby-crazy the Aussies are. Rugby here is easily our equivalent to hockey back home. It’s funny how similar the atmosphere was to a hockey game, despite the fact that it was rugby.

Cheering for the Broncos

On Saturday a couple of friends and I got up early and caught a bus, then a train and then another bus to Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast. After 2 hours of travel, I was incredibly happy to finally be at the beach! This was my first “real” beach experience in Oz. Despite the fact that it was a little cloudy, we certainly made the most of our beach trip.

A bunch of us played volleyball and explored the surrounding town. Surfer’s Paradise was exactly how I expected Australia to be. There’s
this beautiful long, sandy beach, tons of cute surf shops and lots of street
entertainment and pubs. I did a little shopping and tried some delicious
gelato, then ran through the waves along to the shoreline.

Shopping in Surfers

Despite the long trip there, it was a really great trip. It was exactly what I expected Australian life would offer. I will be back to Surfers and will definitely get myself some surfing lessons ASAP!

A little fuzzy but you get the idea. The Surfers' shoreline

On Sunday, I decided to check out the UQ Mountain Club’s Kangaroo Point Starters Day. I love rock climbing and was excited to try it out on an actual rock surface. It was really cool. The Kangaroo Point cliff is right along the Brisbane River. As you climb you face the city and the river. It’s pretty beautiful.

Climbing at Kangaroo Point

I also love the public transport there. The best way to get to Kangaroo point is via the City Cat (the local ferry). I’m in love with the City Cat. It’s such a novelty to be able to take public transit through the city, year round, on a boat.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

After my experience with the Mountain Club, I decided to join. So here’s hoping I have massive arm muscles by the time I fly home from Oz!

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Broncos, Surf & Rocks

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  2. What an awesome blog! I love the photos interspersed in each post. I’m excited to check back regularly and live vicariously through you in Australia.


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